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Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley at the MTV Movie Awards

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Rupert Grint in “Enemy of Man” Official Teaser

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The end of the world is just the beginning. [x]

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"You are the master builder, a special one, that will save the realm. The greatest, most interesting, most important person of all time." (The Lego Movie, 2014)

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Machete Kills (USA - Russia, 2013)

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me when i try to cook…


Anderson’s work has always been personal, but I think it’s becoming even more personalto the point where it’s more or less impossible to imagine anyone else making Wes Anderson’s movies, or to imagine Anderson making a non-personal film. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine what a Wes Anderson Marvel movie would look or feel like, though now I’m a little intrigued by that prospect.

Is the core of Wes Anderson’s terrific new movie The Grand Budapest Hotel more melancholy or giddy and joyous? Three film writers who loved the project talk about its ideas, its emotions, and whether it’s safe to call it his best film to date. [Read more…]


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↳ the grand budapest hotel